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GlasGarten ShrimpFit

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Glasgarten Shrimp Fit - 35g

Shrimp Fit
Complementary feed for ornamental shrimps - ShrimpFit from GlasGarten is a special feed and immune booster for the rapid activation of the immune system. GlasGarten ShrimpFit improves the immune system and supplies your shrimp with nutritionally important active ingredients such as beta-glucans, mannan-oligosaccharides, minerals and chitin.
Benefits of GlasGarten ShrimpFit
• High binding force and inactivation of toxins 
• Activation and multiplication of defense phagocytes
• Formation of a protective membrane on the intestinal mucosa 
As soluble fiber in the yeast hydrolyzate used, the beta-glucans are fermented by the intestinal flora to short-chain fatty acids such as acetate, butyrate and propionate. Short-chain fatty acids are important regulators for a healthy metabolism, butyrate is the most important source of energy for the intestinal mucosal cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
First Aid
First Aid may help prevent major damage by activating the immune systems of the still unaffected or affected shrimp faster and more efficiently. At the same time toxins are bound and released from the intestine.

• normal stocked: twice a week 1/2 measuring spoon
• high stocked: twice a week 1 heaped measuring spoon

Note: 1 measuring spoon is about 0.7g

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